Summary Of Mentor Responsibilities

  • Mentors play a key role in guiding and supporting Residents as they plan and conduct each required Residency activities.
  • Mentors provide continual feedback in a confidential, trusting and supportive relationship that focuses on enhancing the Residents’ readiness for the challenges of their school leader positions, and supporting their continuing professional growth to meet the New Jersey Professional Standards for School Leadership
  • Mentors meet with their Residents a minimum of forty-five (25) contact hours during the Year 1 Residency and a minimum of Thirty (30) hours during the Year 2 residency, which include one-on-one conferences, and on-site visitations and observations, and Peer Support Group meetings.
  • It is expected that Mentor-Resident communication will be ongoing as needed via telephone, email, text, etc. Mentor-Resident contact will occur as needed and at the direction of the Mentor and Resident during summer months and at other times when schools are not in session as appropriate and necessary.

  • Peer Support Groups are organized within regions/counties across the State to enable Residents from various districts to meet with other Residents and engage in discussions related to their Residency and job-related experiences as new school leaders. Peer Support Group meetings provide a “team mentoring” approach that capitalizes on the range and depth of experience and expertise of the mentors, who will organize and facilitate the Peer Support Group meetings. Regional NJ-L2L Mentoring Coordinators (north, central, and south) work with mentors to facilitate organization and monitoring of Peer Support Groups.
  • Peer Support Groups meet on a regular basis during Year 1 and Year 2 of the Residency for a minimum of one (1) hour per month each year.


  • In accordance with State requirements, Mentors complete regular assessment reports for each Resident based on their ongoing observations, formal conferences and interactions with the Resident, and the mentor's review of evidence related to their:
    1. progress toward required activities;
    2. demonstration of leadership knowledge, skills and personal dispositions, as indicated by the New Jersey Professional Standards for School Leaders; and
    3. professional growth in the leadership knowledge, skills and personal dispositions, as indicated by the New Jersey Professional Standards for School Leaders.
  • All assessments and interactions between the mentor and Resident are CONFIDENTIAL.
  • At the end of the Year 2 residency, mentors complete a Summative Assessment Report, which includes the mentor’s recommendation for Standard Principal Certification.
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