New Jersey Leaders To Leaders

NJL2L is the sole state-approved comprehensive mentoring and induction program for new school leaders.

Important NJL2L Registration Notice

All school districts with new school administrators (Principals. Assistant Principals, Directors, and Assistant Directors) are required to register their new administrators on our website. Please use our registration form to enroll your new administrators today. Please note that supervisors, or positions with job descriptions that do not require a principal certification, are not eligible for this program.

NJL2L At A Glance

New Jersey Leaders to Leaders (NJL2L) is the sole State-approved comprehensive mentoring and induction program for new school leaders that provides trained mentors and a range of continuing professional development program and services to support new school leaders in successful completion of the State-required Two-Year Residency for Standard Principal Certification.

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other

-John F. Kennedy

NJL2L Fees

Resident Registration Fee


  • Two Year administrative fee
  • Credit Card payments or purchase orders
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Mentor Fees to be paid by residents


  • Year 1 Mentor Stipend - $1500
  • Year 2 Mentor Stipend - $1,000

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FEA Mission

The FEA is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing school leadership in New Jersey through professional development, service, scholarships, and support for research and dissemination In the field of educational leadership. The NJL2L Program is one of many programs and services offered to school leaders in New Jersey.