For the District

All individuals who hold a Certificate of Eligibility for Principal and were hired as of July 1, 2005 into any position requiring principal certification (i.e. principal, vice/assistant principal, director, assistant director) must complete the State-Required Two-Year Residency Program and be assessed by a trained State-Approved Mentor who will recommend the Resident for Standard Principal Certification upon successful completion of the Residency at the end of the twenty-four months. Following receipt of the State-Required Documents at the beginning of the residency, the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) will issue a two-year Provisional Certification for the term of the Residency.

N.J.A.C. 6A:9B-12.5

District registration & residency information

Please review the below information carefully before completing the District Registration Form. Additional questions not answered below may be directed to NJL2L here.

District Registration

The New Jersey Department of Education revised its registration procedure for all new school district employees. We ask, before registering your candidate for NJL2L, you please complete the candidate’s request for provisional within NJEdCert. You will be asked to confirm this when completing the District Registration Form on our website. Then, follow the steps below to complete their registration with NJL2L. Please note that all new administrative candidates must be registered on both sites. If you have any questions, please contact NJL2L at or at 609-860-1200.

The hiring district must register each new school leader online by clicking here and complete all required information for the online registration to be submitted. The District is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of all information. Upon submission, confirmation notice and a copy of the online District Registration Form are sent electronically to: (1) the District employee who submitted the District Registration Form to confirm receipt of registration and accuracy of all information; (2) the new school leader who was registered (hereafter, Resident) to confirm receipt of registration and check accuracy of all information; and (3) the New Jersey Department of Education (hereafter, NJDOE) for notification of District registration; and (4) the Foundation for Educational Administration (FEA/NJL2L Program (hereafter NJL2L) for review and approval.

NOTE: A Current Job Description Must Be Provided at the Time of Registration along with the Statement of Assurance (click here), Board of Education Minutes/Resolution, and resume before the resident can be approved and payment accepted. Please upload all documents in PDF format within the District Registration Form.


Residents are ultimately responsible for payment of the $850 administrative fee in accordance with district policies and contracts. Residency will not begin until payment has been received.

The two-year administrative fee of $850 must be submitted to the FEA (Foundation for Educational Administration). Credit Card payments or purchase orders (download the Payment Form for payment by credit) may be emailed to Checks should be made out to FEA and submitted to:

FEA c/o NJL2L 12 Centre Drive Monroe Township, NJ 08331-1564

*NOTE: Administrative Fee payments submitted on or after July 1, 2024 will be processed in the amount of $950.

A revised plan to streamline the payment process has been developed. As of July 1, 2010, residents will pay their mentors directly.

The Year 1 Mentor Stipend of $1500 must be paid by the Resident to the Mentor by the end of the 10th month.

The Year 2 Mentor Stipend of $1,000 must be paid by the Resident to the Mentor by the end of the 20th month.

Program Design

NJL2L is Standards-driven and aligned with the New Jersey Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL’s) and the National Technology Standards for School Administrators. The NJL2L program is designed to provide intensive and sustained mentoring support for new school leaders and develops a professional network among Mentors and Residents as they begin to face the complexity of their new roles and engage in a range of job-embedded Residency experiences.

The Year 1 Residency requires a minimum of 46 mentoring and professional development contact hours, and the Year 2 Residency requires a minimum of 35 mentoring and professional development contact hours. Mentoring consists of school visits, observations, one-on-one conferences, monthly Peer Support Group meetings that provide an opportunity for “team mentoring” where Mentors and Residents from different districts come together to network, discuss their experiences, and provide collegial support. Residents and their Mentors begin NJL2L with a New Resident Orientation where the Resident completes an on-line (NJPSA Website) Standards-Based Self-Assessment and begin to plan their Residency experiences. The State requires that Mentors complete five (5) assessments during the Two-Year Residency (four formative and one summative). At the completion of two years, Mentors recommend Residents for Standard Principal Certification if they have successfully met all State criteria for completion of the Residency.


NJl2L Mentors are trained and State-approved. Mentors are selected based on their records as accomplished school leaders and practitioners in a range of school and district leadership positions. All mentors have minimum of five successful years as a principal. Mentors are paired with Residents based on the most suitable match of each mentor’s administrative experience and expertise, and the particular circumstances of each Residency position. Mentors and Residents will have the opportunity to meet before beginning the Residency to determine if the “fit” is right for each of them. The pairing may be changed at any time if either Mentor or Resident requests it. Those interested in Mentoring must apply to NJL2L and complete the State-required NJL2L Mentor Training Program.